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Fastq-dump to is a bash script that…

  1. Downloads FASTQ reads from NCBI’s SRA using fastq-dump
  2. Indexes a reference genome and aligns reads to that index using bowtie2
  3. Converts the alignment file created by bowtie2 to BAM format and sorts it using samtools
  4. Assigns the read alignments to genes in a genome annotation file using featureCounts


This is a video demonstration of

During this demonstration, the full genome sequence and genome annotation for Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288C are used. The files example_nucleotide_sequence.fasta and example_genome_annotation.gtf are fragments of the nucleotide sequence and annotation for this genome. RNA-Seq reads for Saccharomyces cerevisiae (SRR8933512) are used as the example FASTQ files in this demonstration.


Usage [options] -a|--annotation <annotation_file> -f|--fasta <fasta_file> <SRR ID(s)> 
 This script downloads FASTQ reads from NCBI's SRA, aligns them to an annotated 
 genome using bowtie2, and generates gene count table(s) using featureCounts.
 It can take a single SRR ID as an input, or multiple SRR IDs separated by
 Required arguments: 
 	 -a | --annotation	 input genome annotation file 
 	 -f | --fasta		 input FASTA file for annotated genome 
 	 SRR ID(s)		 Sequence Read Archive Run ID(s) (SRR...) 
 Optional arguments: 
 	 -h | --help		 show this help text and exit 
 	 -p | --processors	 number (n) of processors to use (default: 1) 
 	 --fastq-dump		 use 'fastq-dump' instead of the 'fasterq-dump'
 	 --verbose		 make output of script more verbose
 	 --removetemp		 remove read and alignment files once they are
 	 			 no longer needed (minimises disk space needed) 
 	 --log			 redirect terminal output to log file

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